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Gold Star Program

"Gold Stars" are small acts of recognition and acknowledgment for fellow team members. When someone does something outstanding, "over and above," or otherwise deserves recognition, give them a "Gold Star" by Slacking a note to the team explaining what the commendation is for.

How to give a Gold Star

Post a Slack message in #gold-star with the recipient's name and a story about why you are giving them a gold star. What did this person do? Why are you inspired to give them props?

It's that easy. HR will contact the recipient and offer a choice of a gift card or a contribution to a charity of their choosing.

We trust the CivicActions team to use this program for its intended purpose: acknowledging someone who did something truly special (and not to abuse this program by giving out hundreds of stars). Gold Stars are meant for individuals, not entire teams. You can view them here:

There is also an #appreciations channel for doling out additional kudos.

This page was last updated on August 2, 2023.