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The Management Ops Team

The Management/Operations Team at CivicActions consists of these members:

  • Henry Poole, CEO
  • Aaron Pava, CXO
  • Bill Ogilvie, VP of Public Sector
  • Elizabeth Raley, Chief Operating Officer
  • Alaine Karoleff, Director of Agile Digital Services
  • Owen Barton, Chief Technology Officer
  • Marc Jones, General Counsel

Purpose and Goals

The group's purpose is to provide leadership in the operation of the company along with high level direction for Sales and Delivery.

The Management/Operations Team collaborates with each other and with other team members to set direction for the company, manage revenues and expenses, actively support the Delivery team, and to help new initiatives or practices in the company grow.


The team holds the space for open and transparent communications by regularly communicating on company health, financials, and opportunities at monthly AHC, retreats, and anytime a question is asked.

The team meets weekly and creates an agenda on the fly that consists of decisions that need to get made, information that others may need, and updates on ongoing conversations/topics. They also get together bi-annually to focus on company goals and initiatives and then they report out activities and actions from the meeting to the entire company to continue the transparent and open culture.


To see what each individual's responsibilities are on the Management/Ops team, you can view this responsibilities Trello board.

This page was last updated on February 10, 2023.