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Sauce Labs

CivicActions maintains a Sauce Labs account for cross-browser and cross-device web and mobile app testing.

  • Our plan supports interactive, live testing and developer tools access
  • If needed we can also enable automated testing via Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright
  • This service is available to use internally and on client projects
    • Note: some client projects maintain their own cross-browser testing tool subscriptions - in these cases, use the client/project provided tool. If you are unsure, ask your project manager or technical lead.

Getting Started

  • If you didn't already, click the "Verify Email" button in your invitaion e-mail (Subject: "[Sauce Labs] Please verify your email address")
  • Go to and use the "Google" button to log in with your CivicActions e-mail address
  • Go to the Live -> Cross Browser menu and select your desired browser configuration
  • Click the "Start Test" button to launch the browser

Testing Local Sites

In addition to testing public endpoints, the service provides proxy tool that can be used to conveniently test local sandbox sites.

Note: if you need to test sites behind a client managed network boundary (such as internal or pre-production sites), ensure you get the appropriate approvals before using this service.

Getting Help

This page was last updated on December 4, 2023.