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Sprint Cycle

We recommend using this documentation in combination with the CivicActions project playbook, which maps out an ideal Agile project lifecycle.

At CivicActions, the most common approach for accomplishing large-scale work is the use of a Scrum sprint cycle.

For more detail, see Sprint Cycle.

Daily Stand Up (Scrum Calls)

Daily scrum calls are project-specific meetings. These short meetings are a scrum ritual for shared storytelling.

For more detail, see Daily Scrum Calls.

Sprint Planning

Sprint planning takes many forms at CivicActions, but the goal is to come together to decide what to do (and how to estimate the work being done) during an upcoming sprint.

For more detail, see Sprint Planning Meetings.

Backlog Refinement

Backlog Refinement meetings are a chance to update and prioritize stories in the product backlog so that we know what's available for upcoming sprints.

For more detail, see Backlog Refinement.

Sprint Demo

The Sprint Demo (or Sprint Review) is an informal meeting where the project team shows the work accomplished during the sprint to project stakeholders and where the Product Owner declares items done.

For more detail, see Sprint Demo.


The idea behind the retro is pretty simple: This meeting provide an opportunity for the team to reflect on how it's working. Like standups, retros are another project-governance meeting.

For more detail, see Sprint Retrospectives.

This page was last updated on November 3, 2023.