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Practice areas

Practice areas are self-organized groups oriented around a specific practice or craft. They help:

  • provide client services
  • build the team that delivers those services
  • work across departments and delivery to develop, market, sell, deliver and grow a set of related services
  • foster learning, continuous improvement and cross-pollination of ideas and best practice across the company

It is important to note practice areas may overlap in places, and that client projects can often be served by more than one practice area during the course of delivery. Similarly team members may work across multiple practice areas, even in a single day.

Each client-facing practice area:

  • is identified by a unique 2 character code; this is used to identify practice area work in Unanet and other tools
  • has one or two Practice Area leads. The lead is responsible for guiding the collaborative creation of vision, strategy and goals of the practice area, supporting departments and people planning.
  • has a Slack channel, with key materials such as Trello boards, strategic planning documents, roadmaps, etc pinned in the channel

Practice area meetings should be added to the main "CivicActions" calendar for visibility - see the calendar for the latest schedule and feel free to copy the event to your calendar if you would like.


Name Leads Slack Meets
Accessibility Laura Flannery, Mike Gifford #accessibility Twice monthly
Data Science #datascience
Design Emily Ryan, Jenna Waszak, Kelly Smith, Val Runde #design Weekly (Ops), Weekly (Lunch & Learn)
DevSecOps David Sumner, Sharjeel Aziz #devsecops Biweekly
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Rotating #celebrating-diversity Weekly
Drupal Andy Hawks, Daniel Mundra, Eric Napier, Jonathan Bourland, Kristian Ducharme, Patrick Koroma #engineering-drupal Monthly
Frontend Dan Goodwin, Eric Huffman, Iris Ibekwe #engineering-frontend Biweekly
Product Management Liz Tupper #productmanagement Biweekly
Project Management Heidi Harting-Rex #projectmanagement Biweekly
Quality Assurance Eric Napier #engineering-qa Biweekly
Tech Lead #engineering-techlead Monthly
Workforce Transformation Chianti Lomax #eduservices

This page was last updated on November 3, 2023.