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CivicActions project support

Note: this is the Project Support practice area. We have separate documentation that describes how to request internal support.


The CivicActions Project Support area provides helpful, timely and kind support to users, clients and other stakeholders by answering questions, providing resources, and enabling access.

Our work is user-focused and agile: we prioritize individual interactions, openness and iterative improvement. This approach improves the usability and user-friendliness of supported websites and strengthens our client's relationship with its user base. In so doing, CivicActions delivers great value to its clients, and the Project Support area assists CivicActions in its mission to help government technology better serve citizens.

Project support basics

The Project Support area accepts incoming requests for assistance, and responds immediately to assure the user that we'll help.

We record, categorize and assess the severity of incidents, problems and change requests, and provide the appropriate information or action to resolve users' problems as quickly as possible.

We keep users informed, and prioritize clarity, empathy, transparency and kindness in our communications. We treat people how we would wish to be treated.

When a reported incident indicates a larger problem, we help our engineers understand the impact so that they can prioritize, solve and test the solved issue.

We report on our work so that trends over time and patterns of behavior can more easily emerge, and so that we can assure the quality of our own performance. Our quality and speed of service is always well ahead of our service level agreements.

We continually improve our internal processes, responses and reporting based on what we've learned from users and the website environment.

We use our engagement with users to help engineers, project managers, product owners and key stakeholders to stay informed. By advocating for users' needs, we help make sure that the websites we support reflect the priorities of the people that they serve.

Our working practices are detailed more fully in the Best Practices page.

This page was last updated on December 4, 2023.