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Biweekly Engineering Call

Every two weeks, we hold a one hour meeting for the whole engineering team. We have a git repository on our self-host GitLab for documentation and notes about the calls.

Ordinarily, the facilitator for the meeting is rotated through the list of engineers alphabetically by first name. The tasks of the facilitator is described below:

Facilitator: Before the Engineering Call

  • Set the agenda for the call. Typically we have been doing a festivus style agenda, which is simply: 1. One or more Feasts (a discussion, a demo, a presentation), 2. General time of sharing our Feats of Strength, and Airing of Grievances. Feel free to experiment with a different agenda entirely.
  • Make sure that one or more persons is ready to lead us in a feast, or in some way make use of our time together. This can be done via slack emoji voting.
  • Several minutes before the call, remind the team that the call is about to start.

Facilitator: During the Engineering Call

Describe the agenda and start the meeting. Keep track of the time and try to either encourage more discussion or wrap things up depending on the time remaining.

Facilitator: After the Engineering Call

  • Inform the next person in the schedule that they are responsible to be the facilitator for the next engineering call. If that person is unable to lead the next call, then they are responsible to ask the next person on the list. If that person is not responding (on vacation, etc.), then you are responsible to ask the next person on the list.
  • Record the topic in our engineering-call git repository file under "Past Feasts" (ask @daven for help if needed):
  • Add any other things to the git repo as you feel is appropriate.

This page was last updated on February 10, 2023.