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When your project has a contractual Modification (Mod) or Extension

What is the difference between a contract Mod and an Extension?

Contract Modifications (Mod) are required for any change to the original document, e.g. adjustments to the following:

  • key personnel
  • scope
  • deliverables
  • contract amount

Contract Extensions generally involve retaining the contractual language yet adjusting the given dates (e.g., for option terms or option years).

Contractual changes

Any contractual changes require input from the CivicActions Legal team. If the changes are purely financial, then please raise awareness with Legal. If the changes involve roles, resourcing, etc., then Legal must be involved from the inception.

Mods and Extensions are a good time to re-evaluate

If your project requires a MOD or Extension, it is prudent to ensure everyone agrees about why the change is being made. Pull in your Project Management colleagues for input, as well as CivicActions leaders, i.e., Sales.

Common steps for a Mod or Extension

  • Start with a short summary document which outlines the following:
    • Why the change is required
    • The current contractual language
    • The proposed contractual language (e.g., from old paragraphs, page numbers, etc. to replacement language matched to old paragraphs, page numbers, etc.)
  • Schedule an internal call to review
  • Work with Legal and Sales to confirm language and strategy

Other things to consider

Any type of contractual change is a good time to review resourcing, especially as it spans a time period. Think ahead for potential career advancements for your team, planning how resources will be replaced if promotions occur. This allows you to be prepared and thus make people planning requests more swifty to avoid resourcing gaps.

This page was last updated on February 27, 2023.