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Tracking Contract Details: Leveraging Project Wrappers


Wrappers are documents that provide critical contract details. All projects include a Legal and a Project Management Wrapper. These two documents serve to point Project Managers - and any other CivicActions employee - to what we are obliged to deliver.

Contract Management

All contracts can be tracked via the Client Contract Index. The Legal Wrapper is available via this index, with a link to the Project Management Wrapper included.

Tracking Contract Dates

On the Legal Wrapper (see template), the Awarded period of performance (initial) section which will include contract dates.

A link to all contracts is included at the top of the Legal Wrapper, on the Contract folder row. The linked folder will include all base and modification contracts, including additional documents (e.g., SOOs, etc.).

Project Folders

On the Project Management Wrapper (see template), note the links to both Internal and External folders.

This page was last updated on October 4, 2023.