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You are responsible for reporting your own time, on time. You will need to track all your time, including client work, internal projects, professional development, vacation, other forms of leave, and sick time. There is oversight on this process, but ultimately you are responsible for accuracy. Time should be tracked daily and in appropriate categories.

You will need to track either:

  • 8 hours for a full day
  • 4 hours for a half day

A full-time employee is expected to record a 40-hour work week in their timesheet.

Unanet: our timesheet tool

Unanet is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that CivicActions uses for time tracking, planning, forecasting, and accounting. It is a web-based tool. It's a good idea to have a tab open in your browser just for Unanet to help you log time throughout the day or at the end of your day.

Accessing Unanet as a new employee

You should receive your Unanet login information the morning of your start date. If you did not get it or it's not working, notify People Ops at They will notify a Unanet administrator.

When you are hired, the Resource Planning Analyst (RPA) will assign you to the required internal projects and tasks in Unanet. The RPA also will ask the project manager to assign you to any required client projects and tasks.

Create your first timesheet

To create a timesheet:

  1. Open the Unanet -- Dashboard. The dashboard has sections including:

    • Active Timesheets
    • Current Leave Requests
    • Active Expense Reports
    • If applicable, Approvals
  2. On the top right-hand side of each section, locate the + Button (+ Timesheet, + Leave Request, + Expense). Select the applicable + Button to create a new timesheet.

How to enter time

  • Bill your time to the client in 15-minute increments. Unanet will automatically round in the reports, but you'll see actuals in your timesheet.

  • If a task took 2 minutes to complete but another task for the same project took 10, consider lumping them together to 15 minutes.

  • Log your time in Unanet accurately. If you spend 6 hours on a project and 2 hours on internal work, ensure the time is logged correctly in each of the Unanet entries.

  • If you need to split time between charge codes, 0.25 is acceptable. All time entry is to the nearest quarter (0.25).

Many team members at CivicActions are disciplined in keeping track of their hours, or are able to work in structured blocks that allow them to easily record their time at the end of each day. If you are unsure, you can check your Gmail, review your Google Drive, check Zoom meetings, search Slack messages (example: on:Monday from:me), or look at the GitHub overview when you log in.

If you do not see a project charge code for your assigned project, notify the applicable project manager(s). The project manager will assign you to the relevant project code. You will then see the project charge code in your drop-down menu in Unanet.

Saving your timesheet


Once you have completed your timesheet for the day, you must save it. Select the blue Save button at the bottom left of the timesheet page.

Once you have completed entering in all time for the applicable reporting period, you must submit your timesheet to your manager.

  • Select the blue Submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • You will then be asked to confirm again, by selecting the Submit button on the next screen.

Each pay period

By the following business day of the last day of the pay period, you must submit your time, no later than 10:00 am local time.

Fixing timesheet errors

You are responsible for making all timesheet corrections prior to the timesheet period being closed. Timesheet corrections:

  • Should be in limited circumstances
  • Must be handled within Unanet

For current period adjustments:

  • Make the necessary correction(s) within the applicable timesheet
  • Include an explanation as to why the correction(s) is needed
  • Your manager will review and approve the corrected timesheet

For prior period adjustments:

  • You must coordinate the corrections with your project manager and/or manager.
  • The Resource Planning Analyst makes the necessary corrective adjustment and adds an explanation as to why the correction is needed.
  • You and your manager will review the corrected timesheet for accuracy.

Manager approvals

Managers must ensure that all of their assigned team members have completed and submitted timesheets. They must review and approve the team members' timesheets no later than 5:00 PM local time, the following business day of the last day of the pay period.

Project managers should ensure that:

  1. The Project is correct
  2. The CLIN / Task is correct
  3. The labor category and bill rate (if applicable) are correct

To approve your team member's timesheet:

  1. Open the Unanet Home Dashboard and look under Manager Approvals, for your Primary Approval queue.
  2. Select Primary Approvals to access all timesheets pending review for your team member.
  3. Click on the magnifying glass to the left of your team member's name to view their timesheet.
  4. Review three general items:

    • Completeness
    • Accuracy
    • Reasonableness
  5. If the team member's timesheet is complete, accurate, and reasonable, and the project, CLIN / Task and labor category and bill rate (if applicable) are correct, then you can approve the timesheet. You will be asked to approve the timesheet again, on the next screen.

    • If the timesheet is incomplete, inaccurate, unreasonable, or has an incorrect labor category or CLIN / task, you must disapprove the timesheet. You must provide the team member with a reason as to why the timesheet was disapproved.

If you are out on leave during a timesheet processing day, you should notify the assigned Alternate Approver in advance, to ensure timesheet approvals are completed on time.


To get help with timesheets, project codes, and using Unanet:

This page was last updated on March 4, 2024.