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Guidelines for Starting a New Project

Pre-kickoff Checklist

It may be helpful to copy these lists into a card/checklist on your project Trello board (if you are using one).

Prep Work

  • Hand-off call with Sales team
  • Validate that SOW has been signed and review prior SOWs if relevant
  • Review contract and proposal
  • Review staffing and staffing gaps
  • Fill out New Client/Project Startup form (this goes to the Office Manager)
  • Work with Admin to organize background checks or drug tests if needed
  • Determine if there are any specific time reporting or invoicing needs for client
  • Hand-off call with Admin regarding contract/compliance/invoicing details
  • Work with the Delivery Manager (DM) to assign project team
  • Share SOWs and NDAs, as necessary, with ca-admingroup
  • Set up tracking for contractual requirements
  • Set up tracking for contract expiration/renewal
  • Review project hours thus far: determine if billable to client, or accountable to Sales (ask DM if you are not sure)
  • Request copy of client travel policy if not included in contract or SOW

Project Setup

  • Ensure project is set up in Unanet
  • Update People Assignments and Plans
  • Set up Shared Google Drive folders for projects using the consistent project folder structure
  • Set up project email lists (decide if you need both internal and client facing)
  • Set up project Slack channels (internal and client facing)
  • With Tech Lead (TL), set up any/all Trello boards or JIRA instances
  • Send orientation / welcome email (Slack, team intros, email intro, call schedules and project schedule) to project email list(s)
  • Confirm any deviation from standard green-lighting (contract signed, etc.) with DM and CEO
  • Set up hosting (if needed)
  • Determine infrastructure needs for client (VPN access, demo system access, source code access, etc.)
  • Schedule internal kickoff and client kickoff
  • Review invoicing in contract and prepare invoicing documentation

Client Kickoff Meeting

Early Project Activities

  • Onboard team members
  • Schedule first week activities with client (if needed)
  • Overall Project plan
  • Communication / Escalation plan - internal and external facing
  • Schedule Status Meetings with client
  • Schedule scrum calls
  • Risk tracking / mitigation plan
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Set up first Status Report
  • Set up Contact List

This page was last updated on October 4, 2023.