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Technology Stipend Policy (Canadian Employees)

As part of CivicActions commitment to work/life balance and our movement toward greater workplace equity, it is aligned with our values to provide "Technology Stipends" to our employees to reimburse them for necessary expenditures including reasonable costs that are common for all employees at CivicActions. To avoid burdensome paperwork and to give employees flexibility in determining how best meet personal preferences in their work environment, CivicActions will pay to each employee the Technology Stipend once a year in one lump sum.


  • "Eligible Team Member" means direct employees of CivicActions Digital Services, ULC. Individuals who are independent contractors, work for staffing firms, or who are employed by other companies that contract with CivicActions are not eligible.
  • "Annual Eligibility Date" means:

    1. The Annual Eligibility Date for Eligible Team Members who have been with CivicActions for more than one year since their last hire date is the annual anniversary of their last hire date.
    2. The Annual Eligibility Date for Team Members who are hired by CivicActions after April 1, 2021 and have been with CivicActions for less then a year is the last day of the ninety-day Introductory Period.
  • The "Payment Amount" as of January 1, 2024 is $1,103 CAD for team members who are issued managed devices and $1,618 CAD for team members who bring their own device. The amount will be reviewed annually.


Eligible Team Members will receive the Payment Amount of the Technology Stipend in their first paycheck following their Annual Eligibility Date each year. The Technology Stipend is for necessary expenditures in the calendar year following the Eligibility Date including reasonable costs that are common for all employees such as computer, internet access, work space, electricity, phone, and other expenses reasonably attributable to their job.

The Technology Stipend will be paid at the current reimbursement Payment Amount as determined by CivicActions. The Payment Amount will be direct deposited using the same method as the team member's paycheck and other expense reimbursements. To ensure compliance with federal law, CRA requirements, and provincial and local laws, CivicActions may in its sole discretion deduct and/or convert to a taxable payment a prorated amount of the last Technology Stipend payment made to an employee who leaves CivicActions employment in the year following the Eligibility Date. Part Time Eligible Team Members employees will receive a proportional amount based on the average number of hours scheduled to work per month.

This page was last updated on April 12, 2024.