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Internal lists

  • We use occasionally for team wide communication, and important announcements (Slack #announcements used more often, however)
  • We use for HR notices, etc. (it is generally low traffic)
  • Other email lists: ca-[functionalgroup] -sales, -dev, -team, etc.
  • Every project has its own list as a way to overhear each other

Client and staff lists


We default to using our mailing lists for transparency instead of direct email messages. To get someone's attention, put their name in all caps in subject. Or use "ALL" to get everyone's attention. For example:

  • Subject: "ELIZABETH: are you around this afternoon?"
  • Subject: "ALL: please update your hours by EOD"
  • Subject: "URGENT: please update your hours by EOD"

Email Filters

Consider using filters to help manage you mail in preparation for quick archive.

This page was last updated on January 3, 2024.