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Leaving CivicActions

At-Will Employment

All employment with CivicActions is "at will". The relationship can be terminated by the employee or by CivicActions at any time, for any or no reason, and without notice. But being who we are, we typically work together for a smooth transition.


Employees are asked to provide a minimum of 2 weeks written notice of their intent to resign (if possible). The notice should be submitted to the employee's manager or to An exit interview may be requested.


If CivicActions sees a problem with an employee's performance, or there is otherwise clearly a bad fit between the employee and CivicActions, every effort will be made to remedy the issue(s). If termination turns out to be the only solution the employee will be fully aware of, and probably in agreement with, the reasons.

Return of Company Property

Any company property issued to employees, such as documents, computer equipment or company credit cards, must be returned to CivicActions at the time of separation.

Continuation of Benefits

If you or your covered dependents lose eligibility for regular, TriNet group medical, dental, vision benefits and/or healthcare FSA, you may be eligible to continue your coverage under COBRA. COBRA allows you to continue receiving these benefits on a temporary basis in certain situations where coverage under the TriNet Benefits Plan would otherwise end. COBRA coverage is explained in greater detail in the TriNet Benefits Guidebook (Login to TriNet, click Benefits, click Resources, scroll to Benefits Guidebook).

Offboarding process

A member of the PeopleOps team will send offboarding instructions to the person departing. The PeopleOps team will use the Offboarding Trello board to track offboarding tasks. There will need to be collaboration with others in company to fully offboard someone - such as the project/practice area teams removing them from specific tools. An important step is to also talk with the person departing CivicActions to ensure they remove project or company work from their personal machines, remove shared lastpass logins, and return any equipment or property back to CivicActions.

CivicActions may ask the person departing if they want to post a farewell message in #announcements. If the departing person doesn't post a message, CivicActions will intentionally post a message that preserves the privacy of the person leaving CivicActions.


Managers will work with the employee to transition the employee's workload to other team members and determine if Talent Acquisition needs to be notified to fill a role. Managers will also ensure the employee completes their last timesheet in Unanet.

This page was last updated on November 3, 2023.