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Annual Summit

CivicActions gathers together in person once a year at our annual retreat. The location of the retreat varies each year, but we aim to make the location accessible so as many team members as possible can join.

Read about our 2019 Summit in Portland!

Retreat expenses

Most years, the entire team gathers for an onsite retreat. We gather for 3 days of discussion, planning, and un-conference style sessions. Below you'll find information on logistics and expenses.


You can book your flight or you can request assistance. We ask that you always treat company expenses as if you were the one paying. We have travel days on the Sunday prior to the retreat and the Thursday after.

Travel to/from airport

You can expense the fare that takes you to and from your home airport. Lyft Line and public transit are encouraged. We ask that folks arriving and departing the retreat destination coordinate taking public transportation together. We'll have a spreadsheet that will track arrival/departure times to coordinate this. We will also have a retreat slack channel that will be helpful on those days.


We provide a travel day per diem budget of $25/ travel day. We usually choose a hotel that serves an inclusive breakfast and we provide coffee and snacks on location. Lunch is usually catered, and team dinners are planned for ahead of time and are paid for by someone who will expense it outside of the stipend amount. You will be required to use the expense process for any food that you pay for while traveling for the retreat (up to the allocated stipend).


The hotel is booked in advance and we ask that those who are comfortable doing so share a double room with another team member. We will have a spreadsheet going that is tracking everything and one thing to note on there is whether or not you want to share a room.


We're in the conference-style sessions all day from 9-5 and then usually do team dinners in the evening, so it's not very family-oriented, but we know that some folks can't leave their families at home. We don't cover airfare for the family members but we do put you in your own hotel room for the nights of the retreat (additional night would be out of your pocket). We ask that you let the retreat planning team know as soon as possible if you need your own room for your family.

Staying to cowork

Some team members decide to stay one extra day to cowork with each other on their project work (internal or client). The expectation is that those who stay are working a near full day together because it's prodcutive and fun! These team members will get one additional hotel night and an extra meal stiped of $50 for meals on the coworking day.

Extended stay for fun

Some folks have decided to stay longer before/after the retreat to take a couple vacation days in a new city. In some cases people invite their families to meet them to enjoy the city together for a long weekend. If you choose to come earlier or stay later the hotel room cost and food costs would be your responsibility.

This page was last updated on December 4, 2023.