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Our design team principles

We start with discovery, not solutions

We begin by listening

We make every effort to design proactively, not reactively

We believe in incremental experimentation through iteration

We explore solutions through research, best practices and equitable, accessible design approaches

We approach our work with authentic empathy

We acknowledge each other's whole self

We can show care for others when we show care for ourselves

We acknowledge that we all work in different ways and we respect diversity in thought, approach, and execution

Good enough should not be our default

We strive to fix what is broken

We advocate for, and educate others, on design best practices

We seek to find solutions for all of humanity, not just a subset of users

We have a growth mindset that is open to constructive feedback

We achieve through imagination and iteration

We push ourselves and each other to go beyond what we think we're capable of

We know that success requires collaboration and teamwork

We use metrics to gauge impact and guide decisions

This page was last updated on October 4, 2023.