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Introductory Period

Upon joining CivicActions, team members enter into a ninety day introductory period. During this timeframe, team members will learn and engage with CivicActions culture and values, meet their team, become acclimated to our working style and learn the tasks and responsibilities of their role. We have an extensive interview process that supports ensuring we are hiring for fit along the lines of good communication skills, remote work capabilities, technical skills, and more; but this period also allows us to ensure that there is alignment once new team members get here.

This program is intended to give new team members all the support they need to be successful at CivicActions by regularly evaluating performance. During the introductory period, team members will be in regular contact with a member of the People Operations team and their manager. These individuals will pair with new team members to offer support and feedback as you learn your role. New team members can rely on the support from the people they meet with regularly but aren't limited to that group. We are a team of collaborators - support and guidance can come from others as well.

At the end of the ninety day introductory period, a member of the people operations team will meet with team members to discuss their experience and performance during the introductory period. During the Introductory Period all team members are at-will employees. Completion of the Introductory Period does not affect a team members' on going at-will employment status.

This page was last updated on January 3, 2024.