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Project Management checklists

The Project Management practice area suggests leveraging the following checklists for all projects:

Monthly checklists (to be completed by the third business day of each month)

Wrap up the past month:

  1. Complete monthly contractual deliverables (monthly reporting, etc.), making sure they are in the shared folder. Monthly reporting is due to the client by no later than the 10th of the month. Early delivery, however, is highly encouraged.
  2. Run the "plan vs actual" report for the last month and in order to verify reporting accuracy Unanet tasks and training materials.

Now prepare for the new month:

  1. Remind your team about our Out of Office (OOO) procedure
  2. Update Unanet with plans (subtracting any OOO or company holidays) for all project resources
  3. Assign plans
  4. Verify utilization for your team
  5. Update any project-related scheduling (if needed)
  6. Review your meeting cadence: Can any meetings be dropped to optimize focus yet while maintaining strategy? Note: It sometimes help to ask, "What kinds of questions should we be asking ourselves about meetings and if they are delivering value?"
  7. Review the project onboarding deck to confirm resourcing is correct

Quarterly checklists (to be completed by the fifth business day of each quarter)

Wrap up the past quarter:

  1. Adjust onboarding decks with any new project resources
  2. Adjust the All Projects deck with any changes
  3. Adjust the Slack index
  4. Update the On Call Roster
  5. Review and confirm accuracy on the Tools and service accounts tracker

Now prepare for the new quarter:

  1. Review project Wrappers (Legal and Project Management)

    • Review contractual dates and details
    • Review Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
    • Confirm deliverables are being met
    • Verify alignment with DevOps around deliverables
    • Confirm scope has not changed
  2. Review Team Working Agreements

  3. Confirm, if it applies to your project, the On-Call Stipend sheet is updated
  4. Audit shared folders to verify the following settings:
    • Internal project shared drives should have "Allow people outside of CivicActions to access files" unchecked
    • External project shared drives should have "Allow people outside of CivicActions to access files" checked
    • Both internal and external project shared drives should have "Allow people who aren't shared drive members to access files" unchecked (this last one is very important, since it is pretty impossible to manage access centrally if this is checked).
  5. Clean up project folders.

This page was last updated on January 3, 2024.