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Travel expenses and billing

CivicActions will reimburse team members for travel expenses that are required for work. This includes traveling to client locations. For onsite employees, travel expenses are not reimbursed to their regular work location.


Travel time is usually not billed to a specific project. It should be recorded as unbillable time for that project, unless otherwise requested from your Project Manager. Firm fixed price projects are an exception to that general rule, but it's still worth checking with your project team.

Expense approval and reimbursement

For any project or team onsite, your expenses are almost always reimbursable. Please see our expense policy for details on the expense approval and reimbursement process. Ensure that expenses you submit do not exceed the allocated stipends or per diems. When logging your expenses in Unanet, make sure to intentionally use the billable label only if the expense is billable back to the client.

Mileage reimbursement

CivicActions will reimburse employees at the IRS "business standard mileage rate" for miles traveled by the employee in the employee's car required for CivicActions' business. This reimbursement is meant to cover gas and wear-and-tear on a car. It does not cover tolls or parking, which can be expensed separately.


Meals shall normally be reimbursed when overnight stay is required at the GSA per diem rate.


Lodging expenses that are required for travel should be approved in advance, according to the CivicActions expense policy. At the GSA per diem rate, lodging will generally be approved.

If you have questions

Send a Slack message to #unanet.

This page was last updated on December 4, 2023.